Located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Don't be jealous - we have volcanoes.
CYBERLITHIC STUDIOS is a bunch of dudes!!
(and one poor overworked woman who is writing this under duress)

A bunch of mostly dudes with swords, guns, computers and enough ideas (and ammo) to take down ... “the MAN!” He’s going down. And he’s going down hard. Cyberlithic style. Which means, hard, dirty, and in your face. Balls to the wall baby.

We are a bunch of rebels that have made it into the rugged and crazed ranges of the Cascades. This is our home, where we wait and plan, to take over the world!! Through decades of planning and super scientific research found on the Onion, we will slowly produce movies to take over the minds of first Americans, then Canadians, and finally..... Greenland!

Our wrath is coming, and it’s going to be in your face. Get your metal horns and Zippos lighter. Not your cell phones you pussy, that’s for teeny boppers and emo boys. We are doing this old school. There will be zombies, bitching Camaros, Cthulu, kittens, warlords, iguanas, cheese in a can,  baguettes, fried chicken and the occasional flame thrower!!!

cyberlithic studios LLC ©2012
To find the art in scars that fate has dealt us, and to spread their stories through captivating digital artwork, animation and films.

Our vision as a group is to create dark, gritty and macabre animations for adults. We strive to capture the reality of human nature and embrace the anti-hero. We know that happy fairy tales endings are not always possible in this world, but attempting to create and hold onto hopes and dreams can never be extinguished.

We also strive to support the field of digital media within the Pacific Northwest. We are involved with several groups, associations and collectives within this beautiful region. We have also spent the last couple of years attempting to bring industry standard techniques and procedures, such as motion capture